The 15-second hack which will ‘get rid of your double chin’


Having a double chin is a massive insecurity for some people. While it is natural to have an excess of fat under the lower jaw – which can be caused by many factors from genetics to age and posture – many would prefer to be without it.

In fact, a survey from 2017 found that the double chin is among the top three facial problems British women feel they have – and the top four for men.

And 31 percent of men with a double chin said they would grow a beard to hide it. But what can be done to tackle the problem of a double chin directly? Losing weight through diet and exercise is one such method.

Some clinics can also offer fat reducing procedures, however, these can be expensive and might come with risks.

One beauty expert revealed a simple way which she claims will banish a double chin at home.

Face massage and beauty influencer, Jadyn Cross, took to social media platform TikTok to reveal four quick exercises you can do.

She captioned the video: “These help tighten the skin and drain your double chin to give you a more snatched look.”

Demonstrating to her 1.4 million followers, she said: “How to get rid of a double chin at home. Do these 10 or 15 times with a moisturiser every morning and night.”

For the first step she turned her head up to the ceiling and used a gua sha stone to sculpt up the neck from the bottom to the top of the chin.

A gua sha is a tool especially designed to apply pressure and scrape the skin to relieve pain and tension.

Next she brought her head back down then used two fingers to apply pressure and glide along the jawline from front to back. She then did the same movement with her gua sha stone.

The first step involved using the back of her hand to rub under her chin from side to side.

And for the final step she used both hands to sculpt from the front to the back of the face.

Her followers were impressed. One said: “I’ve been doing and it works miracles, love it – thanks for sharing.”

Another asked how long it would take for the results to appear.

Jadyn replied: “One to two months depending on how consistent you are!”

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