Woman shares £1 DIY trick to banish garden weeds


Gardening can cost a pretty penny especially when you think about all the fertiliser and products you need to keep the plants alive.

However, one woman shared her low-cost hack that will get rid of weeds pretty much instantly.

Kate Ring, who goes under the username @yourmategingerkate, revealed her hack to her 394,000 TikTok followers.

She said: “Stop spending a fortune on toxic weed killer because we are about to make a non-toxic version.”

The 42-year-old said that all you need is an empty spray bottle, white vinegar, table salt, and washing-up liquid.

Even better it won’t set you back a fortune with the solution costing less than a £1. If you also have pets the homemade mixture shouldn’t be a problem when compared to using a shop-bought toxic weed killer.

In the clip, the mum squeezes washing-up liquid into the spray bottle before adding salt and vinegar.

Despite, not measuring out the products for the DIY solution she recommended doing it by eye.

Kate mixes the ingredients and then sprays her bottle mixture over a patch of weeds.

It seems like salt is a great natural solution to toxic weed killers. The ingredient works by increasing the levels of ions in the soil and osmotic pressure.

This will then mean that the weeds will absorb salt instead of water and dry out the weeds.

Elsewhere, white vinegar breaks down the cell walls of the plant with its acidity by removing the moisture.

Finally, the washing-up liquid can improve the formula by acting as a glue to hold the salt and vinegar on the weeds.

Just make sure not to spray the mixture on any plants that you don’t want to kill off. Kate’s video has raked up more than 92, 000 views so far.

TikTok users took to the video to share their thoughts on the gardening hack, with one person writing: “white vinegar has been a nightmare to buy in shops lately, only has distilled malt vinegar and my mam got it coz she didn’t know that malt can be white, neither did I till that day tbh.”

A second said: “Been doing this for years Kate really works. clean my washing machine with it gets rid of the smell and gunk. Also for drains vinegar and bicarb works wonders wait I’m gonna start my own TikTok.”

A third commented: “Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with us.”

Another shared their own advice: “Boiling water always works for me.”

A fifth said: “Brilliant Kate, thank you” and another simply added: “I do this we have too many animals to even think about using the other sort.”

Finally, one user commented: “It’s brilliant I use it all the time.”

Will you be giving this DIY solution a go in your garden? Let us know in the comments.

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