Woman shares ‘speed clean’ and how often to wash towels


Struggling to muster the energy for a deep clean in those long-neglected corners of your home?

You’re not alone, but one savvy cleaner shared her secret to a sparkling abode: a one-hour “speed clean” session. User @rooshome took to social media to reveal her routine, declaring it was “that time of the week again” to reset her living space.

With a timer set as her “motivation” she humorously admitted to having an “empty Wotsit packet down the side of her bed,” brazenly adding “and what? ” to silence any critics.

The cleaning enthusiast then posed a thought-provoking query to her followers: “There’s something I wanna discuss with you. How often do you wash your towels?” While a friend of hers is committed to washing after every use, @rooshome herself opts for a weekly wash, citing lack of space to dry towels daily as her reason.

However, startling research from bathroom specialists at Showers to You reveals a hygiene crisis: over a million Brits launder their bathroom towels merely once a year. This is particularly concerning given that freshly laundered towels harbour 190,000 bacterial counts, which can skyrocket to 17 million after a single day and an alarming 94 million by the end of a week.

Guidance suggests that towels should be washed after three uses, yet a shocking 3% of Brits, as revealed by a survey from Showers to You, only wash their bathroom towels once annually that’s nearly two million people neglecting regular towel hygiene. The study further uncovered that “almost one in 10 UK residents (8%) surveyed only wash their bathroom towels twice a year, equating to over 4 million people.”

It appears men are particularly lax when it comes to towel cleanliness, with the survey finding they “were five times more likely to clean their bathroom towels just once a year, with 5% of male respondents admitting to giving them an annual wash, compared to 1% of women”.

An astonishing third of those surveyed in the UK “wash their bathroom towels just once every three months”, which translates to a staggering 17 million individuals.

Health Line emphasises the importance of frequent washing, stating that “towels absorb a lot of water and remain damp for hours, which is the perfect breeding ground for unwanted germs. That’s why towels should be washed every three uses.”

One woman admitted she wouldn’t dare use a face towel that hadn’t been washed in a week, opting instead for biodegradable hand towels. She humorously concluded the discussion with: “I need to know, am I a dirty b***h or not?”

Next, she tackled the kitchen sink with ease, after shooing her cat off the counter. She then vacuumed her chairs, comparing her indecisive cat “to Goldilocks” as he couldn’t decide which chair was “just right”, leaving fur all over both.

After finishing up her chores, her home looked immaculate.

In the comments section, one person queried about towel usage: “Once a week – that’s standard, right?!” Another chimed in: “I used to know a girl that washed each towel after each use. Horror… I do once a week towel exchange and laundry.”

A third agreed: “Once a week towel girlie too!”

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