‘My skin is glowing thanks to collagen-packed 90p M&S product – it’s not a face cream’


One woman found a surprisingly affordable way to get a collagen boost – and is now advocating for the 90p item from Marks & Spencer.

While many turn to creams and anti-ageing treatments to combat the signs of ageing, her simple trick involves an edible product.

Instead of keeping her beauty secrets to herself, content creator Kavita opted to share her unique skincare routine on TikTok.

Forget foundation, anti-ageing creams, or even retinol – according to this wellness influencer, the key to her radiant skin is something far more unexpected: chicken bone broth.

Showing the M&S packets in the video, the beauty enthusiast told her viewers: “If you want to up your collagen game but you don’t have time to make your own bone broth or it is just too much effort, you need to get these bags from M&S.”

She went on to explain: “You can add it to your ramen, your soups, your gravy…it’s so good and so delicious.”

While it might sound like a fad, incorporating M&S’s chicken bone broth into your diet could have some real anti-ageing benefits.

This broth is naturally rich in collagen, a protein that contributes to healthy, youthful-looking skin with improved elasticity.

Unlike stock cubes, bone broths are packed with natural vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, and silicon, all beneficial for overall health.

The good news is that reaping the potential skin benefits of this broth won’t break the bank.

At just £4.50 per packet, it’s a budget-friendly option available both in-store and online at Marks & Spencer.

Content creator Kavita suggests M&S’s bone broth as a budget-friendly way to incorporate collagen into your diet for potentially glowing skin.

Each packet reportedly yields up to two litres of broth, enough for two daily cups.

For an even more convenient option, you can simply add the pre-portioned rounds directly to savoury dishes, boosting their flavour and nutrient content while potentially giving your complexion a lift.

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