Man uses ‘old husband’s tale’ to revive droopy flowers – for pennies


This cheap could revitalise your wilted bouquets.

If you’ve been given a beautiful bunch of  as a birthday gift or for another special occasion, it can be disheartening to see them start to wilt and go droopy in just a couple of days.

Bouquets never seem to last as long as we’d like, but according to one man, there’s a simple trick you can use to give your flowers an extra boost – especially if your bouquet includes tulips.

The man posted a video via  Shorts in which he said all you need to make the hack work is a couple of pennies, meaning the tip is not only incredibly easy to do, but it’s also very cheap.

In a video shared to the @mayaandhunter channel, Hunter explained: “So I heard an old husband’s tale that if you put pennies at the bottom of your vase that has droopy tulips in, within a few hours they will perk right up. Apparently, it’s something about the copper in the pennies that makes the tulips stand up. I’ve never done it, I’m going to try it, lets see if it works.”

He then showed off a bouquet he “made for his wife” the week before. While the lilies were still full of life and “hadn’t even opened yet”, the tulips were beginning to droop.

Hunter gave the stems of the plants a fresh trim, swapped out the water in the vase, and then dropped three pennies into the bottom of the vase before putting the bouquet back in.

The next day, he returned to find the flowers looked vibrant agian. He said: “It’s the next day, and look at this – perked right up! The tulips are revived. I’m amazed. If you ever have droopy tulips, just put some pennies in there.”

Commenters on the video were split, however. While some agreed that the copper coating of a penny can help revitalise flowers, others said that because Hunter had also re-cut his flowers and given them fresh water, it was hard to know exactly what variable had caused the flowers to perk up.

One person said: “My husband does this. It works for us,” while another added: “I’ve done this for years – my long-dead grandma did this – and it works so well.”

But someone else noted: “To perform an experiment you can only change one factor. Could’ve been the extra cut or the new water.”

Another person also stated: “It could also be that you just re-trimmed them but I have heard about copper prolonging flowers’ appearance.”

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