Home Top Stories Is rain set to ruin your wedding? Pimm’surance will brighten your day

Is rain set to ruin your wedding? Pimm’surance will brighten your day

Is rain set to ruin your wedding? Pimm’surance will brighten your day


Planning a summer event in the UK can prove to be a headache as they often hinge on the weather, especially weddings, and this can lead to a dark cloud hovering over your day.

While rain is thought to be actually good luck on your wedding day, soggy canapes in the drizzle and a sopping gown can put a dampener on the fun. So it’s no surprise that happy couples are constantly checking their weather apps in the lead up to the big day. But, come rain or shine, Pimm’s has vowed to put a smile on a happy couple’s face with their new competition with Pimm’surance.

Whilst Pimm’s can’t control the weather, it is offering Brits the chance to receive up to £100 worth of Pimm’s for their events this summer to brighten their day come rain, shine, or even hail.

Olivia aged 30 and Jake aged 32 are getting married in Oxfordshire this summer and no matter the weather, they get a taste of British summer with a spot of Pimm’s.

Bride-to-be Olivia says: ‘Rain on my wedding day is my biggest fear. I’m worrying about it constantly as our wedding day is planned to be outdoors and you can never rely on there being sunshine during British summer, if last year was anything to go by!

‘As much as we’d like to, we can’t control the weather so we’re so pleased that we’re able to cash in on Pimm’surance and make up for the lack of sun with Pimm’s!’

But you don’t have to say ‘I do’ to have a chance of getting the iconic serve for your event this summer, whether it’s a BBQ, picnic, or summer garden party, you can be in with a chance especially as new research of 2,000 adults shows that over three quarters (85%) of Brits cancelled summer plans up to three times last year due to bad weather.

From outdoor wedding receptions to picnics with pals, Pimm’s could have you covered thanks to Pimm’surance!

Nothing says summer like a glass of Pimm’s, so bring the summer feeling to your event by embracing the rain (or shine) but still enjoying a summer tipple.

Adults can enter the details and the number of guests for your event and then you get entered into a prize draw.


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