‘I’m a stay-at-home mum but still make £3,000 a month’


A stay-at-home mum, Melissa Jean, has revealed how she earns more than £3,000 a month by working just 10 hours a week, leaving her plenty of time to spend with her son.

She makes this impressive sum by looking after people’s dogs when they’re on holiday or at work. The expectant mother explained that this side hustle requires only a few hours a day and involves minimal effort.

In a TikTok video titled “The side hustle I do as a stay-at-home mum and how you can do it too!”, Melissa shared: “I’m making an extra $4,000 [£3,156] in the month of June as a pregnant stay-at-home mum with my side hustle, and this is how easy it is.”

She continued: “All you need is to watch a dog for 15 days out of the month, charge $100 [£78.92] a day, [and] stop by their house four times a day.”

She elaborated: “[I] let the dog out, feed them, take care of them, give them love… and that’s $1,500 [£1,184] just from working two hours a day, for 15 days.”

Melissa added: “People that aren’t travelling but they work long hours, they need someone to drop by their house to let their dog out throughout the day [too].

“I do this and I stop by people’s houses, I go into their [garden], hang out with their dog for 30 minutes and I charge $25 [£20] a visit.

“If you find five families to do that for and do that five days a week, that’s an extra $125 [£99] a day, which is $625 [£494] a week.”

Melissa claimed: “Now for the dog sitting you’re making an extra $1,500 [£1,184] this month and for the drop-in visits you’re making an extra $2,500 [£1,973] a month.”

Melissa hammered the point home: “[That’s] an extra $4,000 [£3,156] a month just working less than five hours a day – between probably two to four-and-a-half hours a day.”

Her TikTok video, posted under the username @mamamelissajean, has quickly gained over 15,200 views, leaving many viewers amazed, as reported by The Sun.

Social media users were impressed with Melissa’s side hustle and expressed their admiration in the comments. One person said: “Definitely a good hustle.”

Another added: “Sounds great!” A third commented: “I started doing it a couple months ago and was like wow more people need to do this!” Meanwhile, another parent shared: “I also do this as a SAHM [stay-at-home-mum] and it’s great!” One person said: “Definitely a good hustle.”

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