Households can save 50 percent off fresh fruit and veg delivered to their doorstep


Food waste is a major problem both worldwide and in the UK, and is a threat to the climate.

While around 40 percent of food produced globally is wasted, the UK alone produces around 1.5 million tonnes of waste, before it even reaches the shops.

To try and tackle part of the problem, Oddbox focuses on fruit and veg, speaking to farmers to find out what’s at risk of being wasted each week.

The company works as a subscription to customers, who choose the size of the box they wish to buy, and it is then filled with fruit and veg and delivered to their doorstep.

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Currently, Oddbox is offering a huge deal for new customers to get 50 percent off their first box using code EATODD.

The discount code is a great chance to try incorporating more fruit and veg into the diet while also supporting a worthy cause.

Those looking to reach or increase their five a day can pick from fruit-only, veg-only or mixed fruit and veg boxes, and while the food may not be perfect-looking, the taste is the most important thing.

Unlike personalised food deliveries, the surprise element is what helps to reduce food waste, however there is some level of choice involved.

Although the majority of fruit and veg included is based on what’s going to waste, subscribers will receive a weekly email listing what’s in the next box, and can opt out of items they don’t think they’d use or already have at home, and there is also a weekly add-on email for last-minute additions.

Suppliers and manufacturers are fans of Oddbox’s idea, with several giving positive feedback on how it helps their costs and reduces waste.

A cherry supplier said that Oddbox ”allows the grower to pick more of the fruit rather than discard at harvest as we know we have an opportunity to sell’.

100 percent of suppliers asked also said that Oddbox are playing an effective role in fighting food waste.

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