Expert shares window cleaning tips including no ‘shop-bought’ products


Window cleaning is something that we love to put off. While there are a million and one household chores out there we somehow tend to put window cleaning on the backbench.

As many of us are saving pennies and avoiding opting for a window cleaner, experts have shared how to get your windows sparkling yourself.

Joshua Houston, a window expert at Household Quotes, has shared three tips for cleaning your windows.

The cleaning pro said: “To save money, more and more people are taking on household tasks that they would previously pay a professional to do.

“The task of cleaning a window may seem daunting to some, so I have revealed tips which help the general public keep their windows sparkling. A clean window allows for more light, brightening up your home and making it a more pleasant place to live.’’

Don’t forget the window tracks

We all know that the glass panels need to be left sparkling, but the window tracks are equally important.

Houston said: “Over time dirt and dust can build up in your window tracks, this can prove to be a difficult area to clean due to it being a tight space.

“However, find an old toothbrush, dip it into a bit of soapy water and scrub. You should start to notice the dirt coming off quite easily, just make sure not to apply too much pressure when scrubbing as this can cause damage.”

Never spray window cleaner directly

Although you may think doing this will make your windows gleaming, the cleaning expert has warned to avoid doing so.

“Avoid spraying shop-bought window cleaners directly onto your glass panels, this is because they generally contain harsh chemicals that can damage your windows over time,” Houston said.

He instead recommends spraying the product on a soft sponge or cloth before wiping down your windows.

Use a squeegee

A great tool that you may want to invest in. Even better, you can get them from your local supermarket.

Houston said: “It works well at removing dirt and grime. First, spray a sponge with some cleaning solution and apply it gently around the glass panel. 

“Then use the squeegee to wipe away the solution, before finally rinsing the window with standard tap water.”

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