Duchess Sophie’s signature perfume has £30 off in Debenhams beauty sale


Debenhams’ beauty sale is a smart place to score deals on high-end perfumes and we’ve spotted an impressive offer that will save you £30 on a designer Ralph Lauren scent. The fragrance in question is Ralph Lauren’s Romance Eau De Parfum and it just so happens to be loved by Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh. 

Sophie has owned the ‘timeless’ perfume for years and even wore it on her wedding day in 1999 where she married Prince Edward and became part of the royal family. The 100ml bottle is £70 at Debenhams, making it currently cheaper there than at Boots or John Lewis where it is £100. 

Shoppers can also save on the travel-size 50ml bottle which is £64.80 down from £81 at Debenhams. It was reported by an article for The People in 1999, that Sophie chose this specific Ralph Lauren perfume, with the publication writing: “No bride would be dressed without a light spray of perfume and Sophie chose the appropriately named Romance by Ralph Lauren which is fruity and subtly sexy.” 

The main notes of the perfume are spicy pink pepper, rose and jasmine, with a base of velvety soft woods, oak moss and sophisticated musks. These combined create a feminine, floral and comforting finish to the eau de parfum. 

Wearers of the Ralph Lauren perfume say they ‘keep coming back to it’, leaving glowing reviews on the Debenhams website. One person said: “One of my favourite fragrances.I can not stay away for long. It reminds of the garden full of roses. I have been using this perfume for five years. Sometimes I try new ones, but I always come back to my romance. It has a very subtle fresh smell. It stays for long period of time.”

Another customer shared: “A beautiful fragrance that has resulted in people standing close to me asking what perfume I am wearing and from where did I purchase from.” 

A third person wrote: “I always have a bottle handy, each and every time I wear it I get compliments galore, remember the same perfume does not always smell the same on different people. Sometimes I spray too much as I can never smell perfume on myself but I get a response EVERY time I use this which is mostly daily, I buy other perfumes but always seem to go back to this one. I have told family and friends don’t waste your money buying me perfume unless it’s romance!”

However, the scent didn’t suit everyone’s taste as while some liked that it wasn’t ‘overpowering’ others felt it wasn’t strong enough. One reviewer explained: “Really like the smell, it’s refreshing and light but it is not long lasting. So I notice I’m dousing myself in the morning but by midday the smell is very faint.”

If you want to smell like the Princess of Wales, it is believed that Kate wears Jo Malone Orange Blossom Eau de Cologne Spray. It is ideal for those who love a fruity or floral note in their scents and you can get a 30ml bottle from John Lewis for £55 here.

Alternatively, Marks and Spencer’s Classic Floral Eau de Toilette is £12.50 for 100ml and has notes of orange blossom, jasmine and musk. 

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