Couples share things that cause most arguments around the house


The thrill of cohabiting with a significant other is undeniable for many, yet it’s wise to remember that the road to romantic bliss can be fraught with bumps.

Couples progress through their relationships at varying speeds. What might seem like a natural next step for some could send others into a tailspin, fearing they’re rushing things.

However, for countless individuals, the prospect of daily sleepovers with their dearest companion is nothing short of delightful, and the hunt for the perfect shared abode becomes an adventure. But one partner found themselves pondering over potential “common pitfalls” of shacking up together, eager to sidestep any relationship snares.

Seeking advice on Reddit‘s ‘Casual’ forum, the individual inquired: “What are common pitfalls and things to consider before moving in with a partner for the first time (we’ve been together for three years)?”

Fellow Redditors chimed in with insights on typical domestic disputes. One commenter revealed: “Do they cook and clean as often as you do? I know too many partners where only one of them does those things and that’s what the majority of the arguments are about.”

Echoing this sentiment, another added: “You need to set boundaries ASAP. I lived with my ex for years and was naively happy to be seen as ‘easy going’. Read that, now, as ‘mug’. I was the one left doing everything and he refused to because it was so far established.”

A third contributor offered sage advice, stating: “Learn to compromise. That’s probably the biggest one, along with sharing out the chores in a fair way.

“Don’t take each other for granted, very easy to do when you’re together so much even simple gestures like random cups of tea (not a euphemism) go a long way.

“Do have time apart, have your own hobbies but if they show an interest then let them in. I got my (now) wife interested in physics from her showing an interest in star gazing with my telescope.

“Don’t let things build up, if something annoys you, talk about it. Clear communication really helps both of you to pull in the same direction. It takes a while for two people to go from being two people in a shared space to a cohesive unit.”

Another said: “Talk about money how expenses are shared, who’s in charge of making sure food, cleaning supplies, bog roll, the like are stocked.

“Family/friends and house rules does family get to stop by unannounced/when you’re not there, do they have keys, is there a limit to how often they are over/sleep over? How often do things get cleaned, what is your definition of ‘tidy’? When do you toss food? After the expiration date or once it’s off? How will you resolve conflicts? When do you expect privacy? “.

A Redditor pointed out, however, that “your way or (their way) isn’t universally right and you will need to compromise and figure out what is the aim going forward”.

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