‘Best way’ to get rid of water marks on shower and ‘keep it clean’


When it comes to cleaning there are jobs that we tend to leave till the last minute. In particular, cleaning the shower door.

While some of us tend to clean the shower every time after we have used it, others will pretty much wait until we notice that it looks dirty.

One Reddit user has taken to the forum site to share their current dilemma. In a thread titled: ‘How can I get rid of these spots on the shower glass door?’

The user also shared a picture of the watermarks on the glass door along with the comment: “I tried different products and it never goes. It looks worse once it’s dried.”

People took to the thread to share their cleaning advice and suggestions with one person writing: “Best way? The pink stuff cleaner (the paste) and a scrub daddy.

“The paste goes a long way. Get your scrub daddy wet and get some paste on there. SCRUB hard and do the whole glass.

“Spray with glass cleaner, wipe down and squeege off. “Once you’ve got it off, squeegee off the glass after the shower to keep it clean.”

Another commented: “Once you’ve got it off, squeegee off the glass after the shower to keep it clean.”

A third said: “Spraying some vinegar and letting it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing and rinsing it should make it a lot better.”

A user added: “Glass cleaner or scrubbing bubbles. Clean off excess with a squeegee and wipe down with a microfiber towel.”

A fifth said: “For every day, we use a magic Eraser sponge first…then a squeegee. I know it sounds weird, and it doesn’t take the place of a deep cleaning, but it does take care of the spots…and I’ve tried so many things!”

Finally, another commented: “You’ve got plenty of suggestions already but wanted to add that if it never goes away it might be etched in — like the glass itself is physically altered.

“This is more likely to happen if you have a water softener, among other things. If you take a razor blade scraper to it (another hard water removal method), and mineral build-up comes off, then it’s probably not etched.”

Do you have any cleaning suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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