Beauty expert shares the best hairstyle for women with grey hair


Grey hair is impossible to avoid but it is easy to reverse by colouring your strands.

That said, a beauty expert has reassured women wanting to look younger that they can do so in a few quick steps.

Nicola Wilcox, brand executive at Capital Hair and Beauty, knows a thing or two about flattering hairdos, and there’s one she has claimed to be “the best” to conceal silver locks.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: “If you’re looking for a hairstyle to hide greys, opt for a zigzag parting.

“Simply take a pin tail comb and zigzag to the crown and give a little tease to the root to ensure hair stays voluminous and doesn’t part.”

This works on any length of hair, be it a pixie cut, long bob, or wispy bob that cuts off above the shoulders.

These are all deemed “anti-ageing” by beauty experts thanks to their flattering shapes that highlight the most youthful points of the face.

According to Nicola, the key to mastering the zigzag parting is to keep the hair full-bodied to somewhat conceal the asymmetrical shape of it.

No matter your hairstyle, Nicola urged: “The more volume the better with this one – steer clear from strong, flat partings as these will show off your root a lot more.”

Aside from finding a flattering hairstyle, Nicola suggested some simple haircare to keep greying strands looking as youthful as possible.

She explained: “While it might seem counterintuitive, many colourists recommend incorporating lighter highlights to seamlessly blend your roots, particularly if you’re considering transitioning to embracing your natural grey.

“Strategically placed highlights, or experimenting with balayage, serve as a subtle camouflage for silver strands. Additionally, the varied tones and depth can bring warmth and luminosity to your complexion whilst addressing areas where grey hair tends to appear, such as your hairline, crown, and part.”

Alternatively, you could embrace the natural tone of your mature hair by brightening the pigment. The beauty expert said: “As we get older, our scalp produces less sebum, paired with the loss of pigments in our hair resulting in grey hair that can seemingly make someone look much older than they are.

“Grey and white hair looks amazing on any age when it’s nourished and well looked after with a clean white finish. Due to grey and white hairs’ light colour – much like bleach blonde hair – it can be susceptible to turning yellow or discoloured from pollution in the air and heat styling tools.”

Anyone seeking “healthy and fresh grey hair” could invest in a silver shampoo such as the L’oreal Professional Serie Expert Magnesium Silver Shampoo, as well as a good hair oil like the K18 Molecular Repair hair oil, both recommended by Nicola.

She noted: “Silver shampoo uses purple pigment to neutralise any unwanted warmth for a fresher white look whilst the hair oil will tame frizz whilst providing heat protection and enhancing shine and colour vibrancy.”

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