Woman’s clever hack chops entire block of cheese fast


Cutting an entire block of cheese into even pieces can be a tedious task, whether you’re cubing it for a party or making sandwiches for your peckish family.

But one woman claims to have found a quick and easy solution to the problem, meaning you can put away the knife for good. Madison Davis, known as @lifeasmadisondavis on social media, is renowned for sharing her lifestyle content online, from parenting tips to snippets of her life as a pastor’s wife.

However, her latest video, which has garnered over 628,000 likes, reveals a cheese hack “you never knew you needed.” In the clip, Madison slices the cheese block up the centre and then across from side to side using a pizza cutter instead of a knife.

The tool glides through easily, dividing the block into thick cheddar slices within seconds. Madison stumbled upon this hack when she was behind on washing up.

She captioned the video: “The only way to cut a block of cheese! I figured this out a couple of years ago when all of my knives were dirty and it’s been the best!”

TikTok users were amazed by the clip, with one commenting: “I mean this is like common sense that I didn’t even have! I will be doing this from now on!

Another exclaimed: “Wait. Why have I never thought of this!! Genius,” while a third remarked: “This is why I need TikTok in my life.”

A fourth shared: “We use ours for so much! Grilled cheese, pancakes, quesadillas, etc! (I work at a daycare so it speeds up lunch).”

It comes after a food storage expert revealed that people have been storing their cheese wrong. It can be frustrating to throw out a block of cheese if it has gone crusty or hard, especially since it can be one of the most expensive products on a shopping list.

Cheese will lose moisture when exposed to air and cold temperatures, which is why it will quickly become flavourless if someone opens up the packaging and forgets to cover it.

One popular storage hack is to wrap cheese in clingfilm to keep it fresh but this will likely not work as it will trap moisture and result in the cheese becoming mouldy.

Cheese needs air to keep fresh, so wrapping it up tightly can not only cause mould but cause discolouration, a slimy texture or even make it taste like plastic.

Will you give any of these hacks a try? Let us know in the comments below. 

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