Trinny Woodall’s ‘magic’ neck cream rids shoppers of ‘saggy wrinkles’


The first signs of ageing often appear not on the face, but on the neck and decolletage. Therefore, using anti-ageing skincare targeting these areas is crucial as the skin on the neck is thinner and drier, making it more prone to wrinkles and sagging.

Shoppers of Trinny London are singing praises for a “magic” neck cream that has reportedly helped them get rid of “saggy wrinkles” in weeks. The newly launched neck and decolletage concentrate from Trinny London, called The Elevator, is winning over customers who claim that after just a few weeks of use, they are “super impressed at how smooth the neck skin is.”

This rich and balmy formula, a blend of serum and moisturiser, is recommended for use once in the morning and again in the evening.

Packed with peptides that work to smooth, define and boost collagen, the product also contains encapsulated alpha arbutin which helps slow down melanin production, preventing age spots from forming and darkening.

This powerful concentrate also employs cohesion technology and the Isodon Japonicus plant to strengthen and lift sagging skin. Given that this plant can grow up to two metres tall without succumbing to gravity, it’s no surprise that one 53-year-old user confirmed the product’s effectiveness by saying: “It made my neck not only look like my early 40s, it felt soft and the saggy wrinkles had gone.”

Shoppers are going wild for the “gorgeous” £68 beauty product, with many raving about the noticeable improvements in just eight weeks. One satisfied customer shared: “This cream is amazing, I’ve had lots of compliments from people saying they too can also see a difference in my skin. I would definitely recommend to others.”

Another user enthused: “Absolutely love this, the difference is clearly visible, my skin looks really improved and feels so soft. You can see the changes giving me more confidence.”

Meanwhile, a third chimed in: “This cream is very moisturising but not greasy at all. It is the only cream I have tried that has actually improved the appearance and tone of my skin, particularly on my neck which has been a big problem area for me for about 5 years.”

So far, no negative feedback has surfaced as the product has only recently launched. 

Hailed as “pure luxury in a little pump pot”, the product’s active ingredients pack a punch, making it less suitable for sensitive skin types. For those concerned, the Elemis Pro-Collagen Neck and Decollete Balm, priced at £59, maybe a gentler alternative.

Users are advised to apply sunscreen after using the Trinny London item in the morning like the Garnier Daily UV Fluid, now a steal for under £10 on Amazon with SPF 50+.

Elsewhere, beauty enthusiasts are singing praises for Prai Beauty’s Ageless Throat and Decolletage Creme, available for £22 on Amazon. Claiming to “tighten sagging necks in two weeks”, it’s become a go-to for combating “turkey neck”. The coveted cream is also stocked at Marks and Spencer.

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