Top 20 moments Brits turn to a cuppa


The top 20 moments we turn to a cuppa include when solving a problem, settling down in front of the TV – and nursing a hangover. Research, of 2,000 adults, discovered a cup of tea is often present as we progress throughout our day – from the moment we wake up to kick start the morning and after a stressful day.

We also reach for a comforting cuppa after suffering a bereavement, following an argument and to cure a hangover. Consuming an average of three cups-a-day, 64% of tea drinkers think sipping on a brew can be a mindful moment.

And getting a boost of positivity (32%), clearing their mind (31%) and a burst of motivation (21%) are among the reasons for enjoying a cuppa.

The research was commissioned by PG Tips, to mark the launch of its advert with Top Boy star Ashley Walters, Mercury Prize winning Ezra Collective and Oscar-winning director Sir Steve McQueen.

Ashley Walters, who overcomes self-doubt and finds inner courage over a cup of tea in the advert, said: “We’ve all grown up with tea being a big part of our lives, marking every occasion from starting the day to a family celebration. For me, enjoying a cuppa is an opportunity to pause, re-gather, re-energise and focus.

“We want to redefine the break as just that – a moment to notice your busy brain, to brew a cup of the good stuff, and from the first sip start to process, prioritise and mentally manage.”

The research revealed 42% find themselves needing to take breaks to clear their head, with 32% claiming a busy mind makes them struggle to unpick their issues. As a result, 69% of tea sippers find a cuppa is just what they need when they have a problem to solve.

With 22% of these saying a brew allows them to figure out solutions as it gives them the capacity to think – a key factor to everyday progress.

Conducted via OnePoll, the poll also revealed 38% opt for a cuppa to help regroup their thoughts, more than would reach for a coffee (32%), turn to a friend (25%) or journal (11%) in the same scenario. It also emerged 48% will feel refreshed post tea break, with 26% feeling happy and 23% uplifted.

A spokesperson for PG Tips added: “We would agree with the seven in 10 who say tea is just what you need when you have to take some time out to solve a problem – in fact, a cup of tea brings a moment to pause with a fresh perspective. Above all, it’s about community and connecting with those around you.”

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