Tip to clean toilet using ‘only two products’ because that’s ‘all you need’


Sprucing up your bathroom means paying special attention to high-traffic areas, such as your toilet.

Kyria, who often posts cleaning hacks on her TikTok account, shared exactly how she gets her toilet tidied as well as disinfects the cleaning wand.

In a video uploaded to her 174K followers, Kyria said: “How to clean your toilet using only two products because that’s pretty much all you need.

“First start by using your toilet wand to push the water down. This allows more room for your disinfectant to work undiluted.

“Then using a disinfectant of your choice – literally drench that toilet from top to bottom.

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“I just throw it in a bucket of my already used rags and disinfect them later. And yes I disinfect the bathroom once separately.”

The content creator moved on to the bottom of the toilet.

“Now the bottom of the toilet gets dirtiest the fastest, so make sure you don’t forget that part either.

“Next is to use the toilet wand to scrub the product undiluted. Even though the disinfectant works great, it’s best to use a little bit of elbow grease, especially on the inside of the toilet bowl.

“And then all you have to do is rinse the product away.”

She continued: “After tapping off the excess, spray it around with bleach, and let it sit before rinsing it off with water. And just like that you’re done,” she finished off.

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