Spanish youth divided along gender lines ahead of European elections


The left-right divide and the gender divide are increasingly mapping onto each other just as Europe looks set to make an ideological lurch.


New polling ahead of the European Parliament elections shows that the political opinions of young people in Spain are become increasingly divided along gendered lines – and the differences between young men and women are only becoming more stark.

Roughly 40% of women under 24 in Spain now declare themselves left-wing or far-left, while 30% of young men identify with right or extreme right.

As a result, gender policies have become a central element of political discourse.

As the left becomes more feminised, far-right parties are increasingly trying to appeal to young men who feel their privileges are threatened.

Alfredo Ramos, a specialist in Masculinity Studies, told Euronews he thinks there are too few types of masculinity available to help young men feel recognised.

The gender struggle among young people could have profound consequences for European Union policies, and create more of a gender gap between men and women in the future.

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