Shoppers hail ‘luxury’ bed sheets that keep you way cooler than cotton


As the weather starts to warm up, keeping cool at night can be a struggle for some. Shoppers are praising Panda’s Signature+ Bamboo Lyocell Bedding for not only feeling “luxurious”, but also helping them have a comfortable snooze as they adjust to your “perfect” body temperature – no matter the weather. 

The heat-regulating bed sheets could easily be mistaken for bedding at a five-star hotel and they’ve even been compared to offerings from the likes of Marks and Spencer. Made from bamboo, the material has multiple benefits, from preventing skin irritation to helping reduce the symptoms of hay fever and eczema. 

It also has natural antimicrobial properties that keep dust mites at bay and the breathable fabric helps users with “night sweats”. Panda says their bedding is non-absorbent, anti-static and odour-resistant, so you shouldn’t have any trouble. 

Racking up an average rating of 4.4 out of five stars from 243 reviewers, you don’t have to take the firm’s word for how impressive the bedding is. One shopper said: “This is an excellent product. You get what you pay for and can highly recommend spending the extra on this bedding. A great night’s sleep as we have now brought the quilt. So comfortable and soft.”

A second wrote: “Am at the age now where night sweats are common, and this is the best bedding I’ve found that doesn’t add to the overheating. The bedding is very smooth, and as such the pillowcases do gape open – if these had the same openings in the middle at the back like the French linen bedding the pillows would look a lot neater when the bed is made.

“However this is a minor gripe compared to the better sleep and extreme comfort from the lovely soft bedding. I would fully recommend this and it is suitable all year round.”

Some users have complained that the sheets can move around the bed at night, however, this could be a result of personal sleeping style. One customer explained: “The one negative is that the sheet scrunches up very quickly after a night or two of sleeping (again, it may be worse for me as I clearly don’t stay still in my sleep), and the duvet does have a tendency to slide around in the cover more than what it would in a cotton equivalent. I’m pleased I bought it but I’m not sure it’s worth the significant jump in price.”

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