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The week’s episode of the official YouTube documentary series takes Queen fans back to 1982 when Freddie Mercury and the band performed at the Milton Keynes Bowl as part of their Hot Space Tour.

The song of focus in the live footage this time around is Dragon Attack, which Brian May wrote for Queen’s 1980 album The Game. 

The B-side track of Another One Bites The Dust is known for its funky sound and in this performance of it, there is a sudden flow right into a reprise of Now I’m Here from 1974’s Sheer Heart Attack.

Eagle-eyed fans should look out for the moment right at the start when Brian breaks a guitar string on his Red Special – but switches to a spare and soldiers on.

Dragon Attack was “flavoured by the long nights the lineup spent at Munich’s downtown discotheque Sugar Shack while recording at Musicland Studios.

The club is even referenced in the Dragon Attack lyric: ‘Take me to the room where the black’s all white and the white’s all black/Take me back to the Shack’.

Brian shared: “It was done very late one night, or early one morning, probably very drunk.”

Next week’s episode of Queen The Greatest Live looks back at Is This The World We Created?

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