People have been using cheese graters wrong their whole lives


Despite being a staple in kitchens everywhere, it seems many of us have been using the humble cheese grater incorrectly, leaving people utterly astonished.

Prepare to have your culinary routine turned on its head because it appears we’ve all been grating cheese wrong for years. The cheese grater, a must-have tool for any cheese lover, is typically used in an upright position by most, isn’t it?

It may never have crossed your mind there’s another method, but brace yourself: you, along with countless others, have likely been misusing this essential kitchen gadget. There’s actually a far simpler way to wield your cheese grater and it’s astonishingly straightforward. Simply lay it on its side.

TikTok sensation Alice, known as @aliceinbravoland on the platform, confessed she was “43 years old” when she discovered this game-changing cheese grating technique. In a viral TikTok clip, Alice showcased her newfound method, laying the cheese grater horizontally.

This approach ensures the grated cheese is neatly contained within the grater, eliminating the need for an additional plate beneath. Plus, it makes transferring the cheese a breeze just lift and tip it where needed.

She remarked: “I guess I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. I’m 43 years old and I’m just learning that you lay the cheese grater on the side. They say that it’s easier to transport. It is!”

The caption of Alice’s video read: “Did you know this? I’m easily impressed so maybe this is no big deal, but I’m blown away.”

Alice quickly found out she wasn’t the only one stunned by the revelation, with her video racking up over 4.6 million views and flooded with nearly 2,000 comments.

One user responded: “Okay this was clever, but teach me how to wash that damn grater without hurting myself.”

Another jubilantly stated: “Wow, you lady have made my life much happier. I thank you lol, I’ve been spraying it all over the counter and floor my whole life.”

A third chimed in with a simple: “Just found that out, thanks.”

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