People are only just realising why pizza boxes are square and not round


It’s always been a baffling fact that the pizza boxes are square despite the pizza being circular, and surprisingly enough, it has nothing to do with the pizza itself. This philosophical conundrum has finally been resolved by a TikTok user, FactBuddy.

In one of his enlightening videos, he announced: “The reason pizza boxes are square and not round finally uncovered.”

Questioning the thought on everyone’s mind, FactBuddy asked on his video: “Have you ever wondered why pizza boxes are square? Pizzas are round, so shouldn’t the boxes be round too? Well, there actually have been designs for round boxes for over 15 years. Pizza places don’t typically like to use them.”

There seems to be more to this mystery than meets the eye. His video made clear: “You see, round boxes use several pieces of cardboard and are difficult to stack, but square boxes are cheaper to produce requiring only a single sheet of cardboard.”

Another TikTok fan chimed in, adding another layer to the conundrum: “Pizza box is square, pizza is round, but then cut into triangles.”

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