Home Top Stories ‘My sister is pregnant with my husband’s child… I feel so betrayed’

‘My sister is pregnant with my husband’s child… I feel so betrayed’

‘My sister is pregnant with my husband’s child… I feel so betrayed’


“Joel and Amy first slept together three years ago,” Charlotte revealed to Reddit. “She was still with her then-husband but they were going through a tough spot in their relationship.”

Amy sought comfort from the family, but the lines were blurred when Amy and Joel slept together.

“My husband slept with my goddamn sister,” Charlotte raged. “Apparently it was… a one-time thing, but [I found out] it went on for months.”

After the chaos that ensued settled, and Charlotte decided to forgive them both, she believed they wouldn’t dare do something so stupid again.

“Halfway through last year the affair started up again,” Charlotte realised. “I guess being divorced made her miss having a husband and my husband was the closest thing she could get to fill that hole.”

Charlotte shared: “Me and Joel had been trying for a baby… but with no success; he told me he was getting depressed due to that.

“Amy was a big support for him during that time (because God forbid you find support in the person you married!). They got close again and started sleeping together again.”

When Charlotte was told about the affair from Joel, she didn’t want to hear any more about it.

“I don’t think I want to know more than I already know,” Charlotte said. “I feel so betrayed right now.”

Joel “begged” for Charlotte’s forgiveness, but she felt numb to his pleas, knowing that he had knocked up her sister.

“Amy doesn’t know I know,” Charlotte revealed. “Joel told me he will try and push for an abortion.”

One Reddit user responded: “I am so angry for you… your husband is an AH. The worst kind. Your sister is a home wrecker.

“Divorce him. He slept with your sister! There is no going back from that. It was not a drunken mistake. It was ongoing.”

Another, Lopsided_Collar7164 pointed out the obvious: “Your marriage is over and so is your relationship with your sister.

“They could have stopped after the first time but they continued… trust me, your sister now knows that you know. He probably texted her that same evening.”

Somebody else agreed, as Typical_Agency8984 said: “He’s going to tell your sister… separate finances and start telling people. Don’t be a doormat.” EmeraldIsle13 said: “They are both vile and selfish people!”

*Name has been changed.


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