‘My hair grew back by mixing two cheap ingredients’


Hair loss can be a worrying issue, especially when – like one online user – it happens unexpectedly alongside a health diagnosis.

Redditor Libra44423 took to the online social media forum to share their experience with hair loss after contracting Covid-19.

“The first time I had Covid I lost a third of my hair over the following months,” the Reddit contributor claimed.

Determined to regrow their hair, they created a homemade remedy using two simple and affordable ingredients that can be found in most supermarkets.

“I make a rosemary and peppermint ‘tea’ and spray it on my scalp and massage it in at the end of my shower,” they noted.

“I just buy rosemary and peppermint from the coolers at the grocery store, boil two to three cups of water, throw a few sprigs of each in and boil for 10 minutes,” they added.

To make this concoction, they buy fresh rosemary and peppermint from the grocery store, boil two to three cups of water, and add a few sprigs of each.

After boiling for 10 minutes, they let the mixture sit for an hour before transferring it to a small spray bottle from the travel section.

“Keep it in the fridge, although you may want to set it out an hour before you wash your hair so you aren’t squirting yourself with ice-cold water,” they continued.

“The rest of the rosemary and peppermint can go in the freezer until you’re ready to make another batch.”

According to Healthline, rosemary has been found by studies to have properties that can stimulate hair growth.

They referenced a study in which individuals who had been diagnosed with alopecia areata experienced a 44 percent improvement in hair loss.

The participants applied a rosemary essential oil blend to their scalps daily for seven months before responding to the study.

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