Mum’s ‘life-changing’ sweet packet trick hailed by fans


Looking for the next ultimate life hack you didn’t think you needed?

For parents with sweet-craving children, this clever hack might come in handy. A mum demonstrated how to open a packet of sweets without any hassle.

The revelation has been well-received. Casey Major-Bunce, who posts under the handle @majormumhacks, went viral with her latest Instagram post.

She revealed how to quickly open and reseal sweet packets. Sharing this life-changing tip with her 636,000 followers, she wrote: “Save for later. Did you know this?”

Casey continued: “I hate when sweet packets are open in the cupboards or in the car. Also, kids struggle to open the packets, so this works.”

“Sorry if I seem sad, but I thought this was super cool. I need to get a life… I know #mumhack #organise.”

In her clever video, Casey demonstrates how to neatly tear a packet to create a small tab that can be used to seal it back up – no sticky tape required.

She showed off the trick using a delicious pack of Haribos, and it’s super easy. Despite joking that she “needs a life”, the mum’s hack has left fans astounded.

One person enthused: “I don’t think you realise how much you have changed the rest of my life.”

Another added: “I feel like I’ve learnt more life lessons on TikTok and Instagram then I ever did in school.”

And a third exclaimed: “Stop. I want to start life over with this knowledge.”

The next time you’re tempted to grab a bag of sweets, remember this ingenious trick that could be a game-changer.

Looking for more hacks? Recently, people were only just realising they’ve been grating cheese all wrong these years.

The footage shows the 23-year-old woman using an upright cheese grater to grate light cheddar cheese, which she claims is incorrect.

She then demonstrates the ‘correct’ method by laying the grater on its side, explaining: “But apparently this is the right way. So much easier. And it gathers in the middle of the grater. So it’s easier to transport your cheese.”

The woman also expressed her astonishment in the video caption, asking: “23 years of living and I never knew this?” The cheese grating hack has left TikTok users astounded, with many rushing to the comments section to admit their own culinary faux pas.

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