‘Mum-in-law disregarded my requests and kissed my newborn – now he’s sick and I’m suing’


A 34-year-old female has shared that her marriage with her husband, 36, has been going good for five years. But, her issue seems to be with his mother.

Taking to online forum Reddit to vent, she wrote of her mother in law: “She’s always had this emotional incest hold over him, and while he does try to come to my defense when she starts her nit picking and sly comments, a lot of the time he drops the ball. Like when it was our three-year anniversary and she came over knowing that I prepared all of this (I asked her for his favorite chicken recipe) and ruined the night and he said just let her stay. This time I’m done.”

The upset woman explained that she just gave birth to her son three weeks ago, and she is not in the mood for company or her mother-in-law’s “flippant comments” about how she’s parenting.

She wrote: “Myself and my husband have both told her we need at least two months to get acclimated and we don’t want our son to get sick and she will have to quarantine for at least a week before she can come over to see him.

“That may be a little much but he’s my first baby. After a week of badgering she seemed like she understood. She assured him.”

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On a Friday, the Redditor says her mother-in-law came over unannounced with balloons and presents, along with her sister-in-law and brother-in-law, AND her two friends who the Redditor said she doesn’t even know.

The new mum stood “in horror and shock” as her mother-in-law darted towards her baby and kissed his face. Apparently, the mother-in-law knew that her own son was leaving, and the second he was gone she pulled the stunt.

The Redditor wrote: “I screamed at her and the family to get the hell out of my house.”

This resulted in her mother-in-law calling her son crying. The Redditor wrote: “He got back yesterday and told ME that I needed to apologise and she’s just happy for the first boy grandchild.

“I’m actually crying while writing this because now he has a fever and my husband just doesn’t get it. This is the last straw. I told him he needs to tell her to back off or I’m done.

“He said I was overreacting and she was just excited. His siblings DID NOT know I didn’t give her permission and they called and apologised profusely. His mother feels like she’s being ganged up on.

“Yesterday I talked to him and I have come to the realisation that I care so much about my baby getting sick but HE doesn’t… I’m closing this chapter. I met with a good friend who is a lawyer and I’m getting all my ducks in order. My husband is calling and blowing up my phone,” she said, suggesting she was ready for a divorce.

“I blocked his mother because she was too. I can’t block him because he is the father of our child and he does have rights to see his son but I am done. He no longer has access to me, he’ll have to go through a mediator and only communication will be about our child.

“I’m heartbroken that five years are gone but the fire inside of me from this situation is making it better.”

Redditors left their thoughts on the situation. Taken aback, one person wrote: “No one should be kissing a newborn baby at all! And they should always wash their hands before they even touch the baby. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. It’s a shame that your husband doesn’t get it. I hope he gets better soon.

“Hey Grandma, stop kissing your grandson’s face and hands (they put their hands in their mouths)! You are spreading germs.”

And another person with a similar story said: “My family did that too to my infant. At three weeks he had RSV and was in the hospital. I took him home with a breathing monitor. For a month when it went off in the night it was terrifying. He survived and is grown, however having family around the first few weeks did it.

“My husband had no part in it, and they didn’t know as much then. It was my step mother and my sister who came to help out…Stay away. He doesn’t get it.”

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