Michael Jackson movie biopic 2025 release date announced | Films | Entertainment


Announced last year, Michael Jackson is getting the movie biopic treatment after the likes of Freddie Mercury’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Elton John’s Rocketman and Elvis Presley’s Elvis stormed the box office.

Production on the film, which is simply titled “Michael”, is set to begin on January 22 with the late King of Pop’s nephew Jaafar Jackson in the title role.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the movie is produced by Bohemian Rhapsody’s Graham King and penned by John Logan.

Distributed by Lionsgate domestically and Universal internationally, the Michael Jackson biopic hits cinemas on April 18, 2025.

The film will also be produced by John Branca and John McClain, the co-executors of Jackson’s estate, which could influence the depiction of the many child sexual abuse allegations brought against Jackson during his life and after his death.

Jackson, who died aged 50 in 2009, always denied allegations of child sexual abuse and was found innocent of child molestation when put on trial in 2003.

The film’s official synopsis reads: “Michael will bring audiences a riveting and honest portrayal of the brilliant yet complicated man who became the King of Pop. The film presents his triumphs and tragedies on an epic, cinematic scale — from his human side and personal struggles to his undeniable creative genius, exemplified by his most iconic performances. As never before, audiences will experience an inside look into one of the most influential, trailblazing artists the world has ever known.”

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