Master reverse parking in 15 seconds with viral driving hack


An almost full car park can strike fear into the hearts of many drivers, particularly those who find reverse parking a daunting prospect.

However, helpful TikToker @tonggeshuoche is on a mission to quell that panic, sharing a priceless tip for drivers who encounter this difficulty.

His video, captioned “Parking skills that 1 billion people don’t know, taught in 15 seconds!”, offers a step by step guide for easy reverse parking.

He began: “First of all, we drove the car parallel to the parking space line. When our rear view mirror is aligned with the parking space line next to it, turn the steering wheel full to the left. Keep going.

“Let’s look at the rear view mirror on the right. When you can see the corner of the target parking space from the rear view mirror, turn the steering wheel full to the right.

“Shift into reverse gear and reverse the car. When our car is parallel to the two cars next to us, straighten the steering wheel. Reverse the car. I parked my car and got into my seat very smoothly.”

The post was met with mixed reactions from spectators. Some suggested simply parking forwards if reverse parking proved too difficult, accompanied by comments such as: “Looks so easy but it’s definitely not.”

Another motorist dryly remarked: “Maybe after 10 years I will learn this.” Someone else wrote: “I can’t still. Baby steps for me I guess.”

One TikToker recommended: “It’s better to make the reverse turn too wide vs too narrow. If your turn is too wide it’s very easy to correct by going forward once more. Too tight and you have to start all over.”

Another added: “Or just don’t park near supermarket entrances where most people park. I park further away to more parking spaces to choose from!” While another concluded that UK drivers might have it tougher, commenting: “But in UK the spaces are so tight for back parking.”

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