Man learns horrifying truth after taking urine sample to GP


Sometimes, when making off-hand funny comments on social media, we can end up finding out more than we bargained for.

When @GoldenVision90 took to X, formerly Twitter, to make a joke about his latest GP trip, he likely expected to get a few likes and acknowledgements of his sense of humour.

But instead, he found out the grim truth about what some people do at their GP’s office.

The hilarious post read: “Just had to take a urine sample to my GP and at reception they asked me ‘does the doctor know about this already’. No, no. I just brought a cup of my wee as a present. Please don’t spoil the surprise.” 

Naturally, people found the joke hilarious, and it gained him a whopping 68,000 likes.

However, when someone pointed out a grim fact in response, others were mortified.

Someone with experience working at a GP’s practice replied: “You would be amazed how often people just turn up with a urine sample, often in an old jam jar or a Tupperware. Probably once every other day when I worked in GP.” Yikes.

@GoldenVision90 responded, joking that maybe he was a prude. He wrote: “It sounds far more common than I’d ever have guessed. Maybe I’m the prude for not randomly handing out samples of my poo at social gatherings.”

A receptionist at a GP even shared that they’d been handed “poo in a tissue” – which is mortifying.

And another shared: “Oh man, the amount of things that are handed over to us where we haven’t asked is huge. Once had a whole turd left in a Tupperware dish.”

One X user, who also had experience working at a doctor’s, said that sometimes, people would bring in bodily fluids in jars, without having washed them out properly, sharing: “In jars… with remnants of jam, mustard, honey… and the like.” Pretty grim…

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