Is sleeping on your side bad for you? Expert explains positions causing ‘premature aging’


The position you sleep in can change the way your face looks, that’s why an expert has issued a warning regarding a common habit most of us have.

The way you sleep, the kind of pillowcase you use, and even the height of your pillows can contribute to making your beauty sleep less beneficial and lead to “premature ageing”.

Rupesh Shah, an aesthetics expert and founder of London Lip Clinic, spoke to about the common sleep mistake that accelerates ageing and offered solutions to address it.

“When we think of beauty sleep, we might imagine simply getting a solid eight hours of rest and waking up refreshed,” the beauty expert began.

“But the way you sleep can have a big impact on how refreshed you look when you wake up; from sleeping on your stomach or your side that causes compression wrinkles and can even lead to your face become asymmetrical, to your head not being elevated enough by a flat pillow, causing fluid retention and puffiness in the face.

“The ‘vampire’ sleep position – flat on your back – is generally recommended as the most anti-ageing way to sleep, as it minimises the pressure on your skin from your pillow, and reduces the risk of one side of your face ageing quicker than the other if you sleep on your side.”

Research indicates that the optimal temperature for sleep is between 15-19°C, according to the expert.

This range facilitates the natural decrease in core body temperature that signals your body it’s time to rest.

During deep sleep, your body produces collagen, which is crucial for maintaining skin elasticity and preventing wrinkles.

Not only that, but a cooler bedroom can also help reduce inflammation and minimise sweating, which can contribute to acne.

Finally, the expert recommended applying your skincare right before bed reduces the effectiveness of your products as they need time to fully absorb into your skin.

Putting on products too close to bedtime means they can end up absorbed by your pillowcase instead. This not only wastes the product but can also lead to clogged pores and irritation from the product buildup on your pillows.

To maximise effectiveness, aim to complete your nighttime skincare routine at least an hour before bed, giving the products time to properly absorb and work.

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