‘I heard mum talking about me to friend – what she said was hurtful’


A woman was “really hurt” after she overheard her mum talking about her to a friend – and was unsure whether her words were a “compliment”.

Feeling slighted by the possible backhanded comment, the woman – who went by the pseudonym ‘Socks’ – sought advice online. Taking to Mumsnet, she revealed she wasn’t sure how to feel about what she heard.

“Overheard my Mum talking to her friend earlier,” she wrote. “Friend asked how I am and my mum replied, ‘Well…Socks is just Socks isn’t she.’

“How would you feel ? Am I being unreasonable to feel really hurt?”

Internet users rushed to the comments to offer comfort, suggesting the remark might have been intended positively and asking about the mum’s ‘tone of voice.’

One user suggested: “She could mean…’Socks is as happy-go-lucky as ever’, or ‘Socks is busy working hard as usual’, or ‘Socks is killing it as always’, or ‘Socks is busy helping everyone out like she always does’, or ‘Socks is busy being parent if the century to her kids’, or a million other positive things.”

Another pointed out: “It might be whatever insecurity you have (we all have them), making you jump to the worst possible conclusion. Depends how your mother sees you, but that’s pretty irrelevant because what’s really important is how you view yourself.”

One user chimed in: “What was the context and tone of voice? “, while another offered a different perspective: “I’d take that to mean you’re your usual self, whatever that may be. For some reason, to me, it may suggest that you may be a bit quirky. And your mum’s friend knows, and that is fine. I wouldn’t think of it as anything negative myself.”

A fellow Mumsnet contributor remarked: “It’s not a negative thing unless she sees you in a negative light.”

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