‘Hydrating’ beauty product reduces puffiness after flying


When it comes to travelling, our skin doesn’t always feel the benefit. Whether it is stuck in an airport or flying for hours on end on a plane it is no wonder we arrive at our destination looking puffy, tired and dehydrated.

However, one beauty expert has come to the rescue. Hayley Walker, a beauty expert at Justmylook has shared which products she travels with to ensure her skin is looking its best.

In particular, a beauty product which reduces puffiness after your flight.

If you’ve got a holiday coming up, you’ll want to take note to ensure your skin looks radiant for your travels.

Walker said: “While we all crave and love travelling abroad, flying can take a toll on our skin. The low humidity levels in aeroplane cabins can disrupt the skin’s moisture balance, leaving it dry and flaky. This dehydration can make your skin feel parched and appear dull.

“To combat this, your skin increases oil production as a natural defence against dehydration. Unfortunately, combined with unhealthy food, travel stress, and lack of sleep, this can lead to breakouts.”

We don’t know about you but our face tends to get puffy and irritated when flying long-haul.

However, the beauty pro has advice for what we need to do. Walker said: “Another side effect of air travel is puffiness, caused by stagnant blood flow and fluid retention, resulting in puffier-looking eyes and a swollen face.

“Frequent flyers are likely no strangers to puffy, tired-looking eyes when travelling, however, this is not the look you want to serve when offboarding at your holiday destination.”

Passengers will often land looking puffier and irritated under the eyes compared to take off. Luckily, there is an answer to this solution.

The expert continued: “The good news is there’s a way to prevent this and leave your skin feeling and looking refreshed and radiant. Eye creams work well for this as they hydrate and nourish the skin, reducing puffiness and dullness around the eyes.

“These creams lighten any discolouration and restore the skin barrier, giving the skin a hydrating boost during the flight.”

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