How to get rid of kettle limescale: ‘Super cheap’ method uses a 65p kitchen staple


Limescale is a chalky white substance you can find at the bottom of kettles, and while harmless it can spoil your cups of tea and even raise your energy bills.

Over time, limescale can begin to coat the heating element of a kettle which can cause it to stop working properly and will require more energy to boil water.

If not cleaned properly, limescale will affect the taste of your hot beverages and eventually cause a kettle to malfunction, but luckily you can clean it using lemon juice. 

One woman posted on the Reddit forum British Sucess and shared she was easily able to clean her kettle in only 30 minutes.

She wrote: “Cleaned all my limescale out of my kettle last night. Having my first brew of the day and it’s like the tea version of a new car smell!”

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The woman also added that white vinegar can also be used to get rid of the limescale, but it is not recommended as it can leave a horrible aftertaste in the kettle which will take more effort to rinse away.

She wrote: “If you want it done faster, then white vinegar – but be prepared to stink your kitchen out. Boiled vinegar is not a good smell.”

However, many people in the comment section warned against using vinegar as the strong smell can sometimes trigger coughing or wheezing if not used in a well-ventilated space.

One user said “Be very careful with boiling vinegar if you have anyone around with lung problems.

“Someone tried to clean out the work kettle with this method, someone else had asthma and reacted badly, so they had to go to A&E.”

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