Home Top Stories Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 31

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 31

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 31



Try to imagine yourself as how you would like to be. This will help you approach challenging situations in a calm, confident and more efficient way. People mean it when they praise you for your abilities. In-laws make their presence felt as they try to interfere in your business.


You’re vaguely aware of something that has been going on in the background of your life. You haven’t had a lot of time to look into this. A conversation or events today will draw your attention to these concerns. You can’t ignore them any longer.


It can sometimes feel as if you are living a double life. At work or in a social situation people look to you with respect and rely on your knowledge and sensible guidance. At home, someone in the family shows you little in the way of kindness or courtesy. It may be time for a change.


You’re hoping an event, get-together or workshop you are attending will be a success. One reason you’re feeling nervous is due to having to wait for information you need. Until this is received you will not feel prepared or ready. Someone is not delivering on a promise and this is causing you inconvenience.


You’re contemplating a future holiday or hoping to make travel plans. This will be easier with your partner or a loved one’s support. If you start persuading them gently today, you should receive their willing agreement to go on a trip in the not too distant future.


People may hint that you seem more talkative or restless than usual. You may have been noticing this too. You’ve been doing too much recently and now you are over-tired. A wave of lethargy will sweep over you and this makes it hard for you to stay focused on important matters.


Tension in a friendship or partnership is causing you to question this relationship. Someone is trying to intrude in your life and this is knocking your world off balance. Let people know you can no longer tolerate or put up with their selfish behaviour.


Everything in a relationship is starting to feel conditional. A friend will do you a favour but only if you do something for them. Whereas you are happy to offer your unconditional support, their support seems to depend on various factors. You’re devoting too much time and energy to the wrong person.


You sense a relative or housemate will object to ideas you are currently working on. You don’t like to be secretive but to safeguard your own interests you may have to be less open about your intentions. Your subconscious is warning you to think carefully before you speak.


Be patient and tolerant with people who are being vague about what they want and slow in making decisions. Even when you want to tell someone to ‘get on with it’ or to pretest and criticise their difficult behaviour, the only way to keep the peace is to suffer in silence.


At times it feels like your personality is split in two. A professional situation demands your knowledge and expertise. Family interactions require compassion, care and understanding. There is a clear distinction between these two roles. Alternating between them both will not be a problem.


An air of mystery surrounds events in the workplace or your neighbourhood. Resist the urge to ask too many questions or probe too deeply. You aren’t the only one who is confused and someone will do or say something that has you puzzled. For now, keep quiet about your observations.


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