Homeowner hails genius hack to keep pesky garden stones in place


If you’ve decorated your garden with stones, then you’ll understand the annoyance they cause.

Though they elevate the look of your outdoor space, walking across them tends to scatter them everywhere, and some might even find a way into your footwear, which isn’t the best experience.

Luckily, DIY experts have unveiled an easy-to-understand tip to keep your stones steady all summer and beyond.

This fantastic tip offers a “water-based, non-harmful, easy-to-use binder that leaves stones permeable, with a protective sheen”.

The product on the top, known as Easi-hold from @Vuba Resin, is recommended by @east_shore_home if your “stones won’t stay put”. They described this in the caption saying, “ASMR edition!

This brilliant product from @Vuba Resin called Easi-hold binds unruly stones together, sealing them in a permeable protective layer. This coating also prevents discolouration and is non-toxic, so is safe for little people and pets.”

The effectiveness of the product was showcased by spraying it onto their stones, and tramping on them without any movement after application.

If you are considering investing in this pour-on resin, be aware that it will set you back £29.99. However, it’s versatile as it can be poured, sprayed or mixed in based on your preference.

The website advises: “Stones between 4mm and 10mm in diameter work the best, but even stones up to 20mm can work well if angular and clean.”

In the comments section of the video, a user shared their experience: “I ordered this today. I’m hoping it’ll work as my son’s puppy keeps eating the gravel. praying for fine weather to apply it but here in the North East it may be a few days before we see sunshine again.”

Curious about the practicalities, another commenter inquired about “drainage”, to which the original poster assured: “Its’ 100% permeable, no drainage needed”. For those pondering maintenance, the answer is simple it requires a refresh “once a year”.

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