Half of Brits say they are ‘fed up’ with being an adult


Nearly half of Brits claim they are simply fed up with being an adult – and are drained by everyday responsibilities like earning a wage, paying bills and household chores.

A study, of 2,000 adults, revealed 45% are struggling with the obligations that come with being a ‘grown up’, including cooking dinner (25%), trying to save money (31%) and maintaining a tidy home (35%).

Meeting work deadlines (15%), trying to keep fit (18%) and getting up at the crack of dawn for work or their children (15%) also featured in the top 20 list.

In addition, nearly a quarter (23%) are worn down by ‘endless political drama’, and 23% are growing weary of the unpredictable British weather.

The study was commissioned by Malibu and Oatly, to launch Paradise Arches; an exclusive clubhouse in London’s Shoreditch district, as 53% wish they had more time to escape from these adult responsibilities.

Some try to switch off from their adult obligations by watching live music (28%), going out to socialise (20%) and sipping on a cocktail (17%). While 23% love the idea of a ‘one hour vacay’ which would have complete freedom from their duties.

Craig van Niekerk, from Malibu, said: “Adulting can be draining and there’s no manual or guide of how to get through it.Our study has shown how the most basic tasks are the ones we crave to escape from the most.

“It seems like we’re all in serious need of bringing out the spirit of summer and enabling good times.Just an hour away from responsibilities can help you to unplug and enjoy the summer, which is why we’ve made the perfect place to escape to.”

Brand ambassador for the collaboration, AJ Odudu, said: “It can be so hard to switch off when you’ve got so many responsibilities, but I think we all deserve the opportunity to take a break and enjoy the longer days and, hopefully, sunny weather.

“I also find it’s easier to unwind when I can take a complete step away from reality, even if just for an hour.”

The study also found 43% reckon adulting is harder now than it was 10 years’ ago. And 20% feel they have to ‘power through’ each day, rarely taking time for themselves or a moment’s peace.

It revealed 12% don’t feel they get any time each week to switch off completely, while those who do feel they only get six hours 20 minutes each week. But of the 67% who feel they need more time to fully unwind, they’d like seven hours and 25 minutes each week to do so.

The research, conducted via OnePoll, also found that even when on holiday, 19% still struggle to switch off completely. As a result, 26% would love an evening of indulgence all to themselves.

25% claim there’s so much pressure to been seen as ‘successful’ and having your life together, even though 24% claimed that they often don’t feel like an adult.

Martin Ringqvist, from Oatly, which has teamed with Malibu to create the ‘Piña Oatlada’ – an alcoholic, piña colada-flavoured dairy-free soft serve ice cream, said: “Being an adult comes with many challenges, and you’d think that the older you’d get the easier it gets as you become more experienced.

“But it just seems like the responsibilities grow and you face new challenges which throw a curveball – like trying to get a soft serve campaign approved by two sets of lawyers – so taking time to switch off is so important.

“We’re always searching for new and unexpected ways for people to experience our brand and this is a perfect partner to launch our glorious oats into the nightlife scene. Just be sure to lick responsibly.”

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