Get rid of fruit fly with homemade trap


In the midst of summer, homeowners often find themselves battling pesky fruit flies.

Fortunately, influencer Pia Cuerquis has shared a simple and affordable hack to create a highly effective fruit fly trap using common household items.

With 396,000 followers on Instagram, Pia’s DIY trick has quickly gained popularity.

In a recent clip, Pia, demonstrated how a combination of vinegar, dish soap, sugar, and sticky fly traps can be used to combat these bothersome insects.


  1. Prepare the Vase: Begin by filling a small vase halfway with apple cider vinegar. Pia explains that the vases she uses are typically intended for propagating plants.
  2. Add Dish Soap: Top the vinegar with a few drops of dish soap. Pia uses Dawn dish soap and explains that it helps trap the flies as they get weighed down by the liquid.
  3. Sweeten the Mix: Add some sugar to the mixture. The sweet scent is crucial for attracting the fruit flies.
  4. Warm Water: Pour some hot or warm water into the vase and stir everything together to ensure the ingredients are well mixed.
  5. Set Up Sticky Traps: Finally, arrange the sticky adhesive traps around the rim of the vase to catch any flies that are not immediately trapped by the soapy mixture.

Pia notes that the sticky traps are the “star of the show”.

Pia’s post, captioned: “Here’s how I got rid of the fruit flies!!”, quickly gained traction, amassing over 271,000 likes.

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