‘Europe is mortal’ warns French PM Attal ahead of EU elections


This article was originally published in French

The far-right National Rally party currently tops the French polls, raising concerns of a rightward lurch across the European Union.


French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal warned that “Europe is mortal” as he campaigned in Boulogne in support of Valérie Hayer, the lead candidate fielded by Emmanuel Macron’s ruling Renaissance Party to fight the European elections.

The prime minister called on the French people to vote on 9 June, stressing the importance of the election as Europe faces a range of serious threats.

With just over a week to go before France votes in the elections, the far-right party National Rally is leading the polls with more than 30 per cent of the vote, followed by Renaissance and the Socialists.

Macron, whose party is currently predicted to capture around 16 per cent of the vote, called on voters to “wake up” to the rise of the far right.

In Attal’s view, the EU risks being left behind by the economic competition between the US and China, while the threat from Russia means and the bloc must be able to defend itself without falling back on American assistance.

Hayer, meanwhile, devoted her speech to women’s rights.

“At a time when some are moving forward, masked or otherwise, against women’s rights, I say this to you all. For us ladies, for our grandmothers, for our mothers, for your wives, for your sisters, for your daughters, our responsibility is immense”, she said.

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