Collagen: ‘How to increase protein in diet to improve skin health and reduce wrinkles’


Collagen can help make look more youthful and reduce wrinkles – and a nutritionist has revealed the best way to incorporate the protein into your diet. 

Kyle Crowley, nutrition expert at Protein Works, said: “Collagen has many benefits, including supporting the bones, skin, muscles and other areas of the body. ​​

“The protein has become particularly popular for women looking to improve their skin health because as you age, the body produces less collagen, which can lead to wrinkles forming.

“Studies have shown that collagen may help to slow down the ageing of the skin by reducing dryness and, in turn, the wrinkles it causes.”

We start to lose natural collagen production in our bodies from the age of 25 but many foods can replace the collagen lost. 

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A collagen-rich diet could also help improve bones and joints. 

The nutritionist explained: “Collagen can be beneficial for both bones and joints as it is found within the bones, cartilage and muscles surrounding our joints – it seems natural that taking supplements may help with joint pain or protect bone density.

“Though a lot of research has been done on the benefits of collagen for bones and joints, the majority of these studies look at the benefits in older women with low bone mineral density.”

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