Cleaning expert shares five viral cleaning hacks you should never try


A cleaning guru has debunked several viral hacks we should all steer clear of.

TikTok sensation Brogan, known as Not The Worst Cleaner to her six million followers, regularly shares advice for those looking to spruce up their homes. The social media star even offers her cleaning services free of charge to individuals struggling with hoarding disorders.

With her wealth of experience, Brogan has certainly learned the best tips and tricks to keep yur house gleaming – as well as those that are not worth your time. She recently took to her account to dispel five popular cleaning myths that have been circulating online.

“I’ve been seeing so many of these ‘cleaning hacks’ lately so it was time to bring this back around,” she captioned her video.

Brogan began by explaining why we shouldn’t place bottles of cleaning agent like Fabuloso into our toilet cisterns. “This is not recommended by any plumber,” she warned. “Not only can it be corrosive, but it can also erode the rubber gaskets and seals.”

She went on to explain why using detergent and a cloth to clean furniture is a bad idea. “It’s just spreading dirt around you can’t scrub and it’s not lifting any product,” she said.

“Detergents are highly concentrated and so it will leave behind residue and without getting that product up it will destroy fabric over time.”

An air fryer hack that’s been doing the rounds among health-conscious cooks involves filling the appliance’s basket with soapy water and turning it on. But while air fryers are notoriously hard to clean, Brogan issued a stern warning against this method. “It foams up with heat and can go directly into the airflow, fan and electrical components,” she cautioned.

“This can cause short-circuiting and overheating it’s a huge fire hazard.”

Brogan also advised against using fabric softener to “repel dust”. She said: “It’ll leave behind a waxy film that’s designed to soften your laundry. Most are petroleum-based meaning they will not break down and can build up with residue that will result in mould.”

She also shed light about why we should steer clear of using dishwasher pods for mopping floors. “I know a lot of people swear by this, but its been debunked many times,” she remarked.

“Restoration experts say it will leave behind a film as the pods are highly-concentrated and the layer of film being left behind will build up over time and will trap dirt and bacteria.”

Her many followers were quick to commend Brogan for her advice, with many thanking her for helping them avoid these so-called hacks. “Thank you! I was about to try some of these,” one user admitted.

Another responded: “Thank you so much for those! All of those trends drive me crazy and I just want accurate information.” Similarly, a third chimed in: “Thank you. I have commented on a lot of these viral hack videos with these same things and I always get blank responses.”

A fourth person praised: “I’ve been waiting for a video saying exactly this! Ugh its not cleaning but doing the exact opposite!”.

And a fifth agreed: “No freaking way. You may be the first real and intelligent cleaner I’ve found on here.”

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