Average cost of stag and hen dos abroad now tops £1,500 per person


Guests are typically forking out £376 on travel and flights, £362 on activities, £385 on accommodation, and £396 on food and drink. And those attending a do in the UK expect to spend £854 – £200 travel, £235 on digs, £211 on activities and £208 on booze and meals.

While 51% would be willing to fork out more money if they were offered the chance to do more cultured activities. But 43% admit if they were planning a stag or hen, making it cost effective would be a top priority.

The survey of 3,000 adults was commissioned by international money app Wise, which has launched a helpline fronted by actor Joe Thomas, who played Simon in the hit comedy show The Inbetweeners, to advise on cultured stag or hen events without breaking the bank.    

The comedian will be helping out brides and grooms-to-be with their pre-wedding party issues, including how to avoid a ‘sten’ do – where the stag and hen parties are combined – and how to tastefully exit the inevitable WhatsApp group after the event.

Arun Tharmarajah, director of European payments at the app, said: “Stag and hen parties have definitely had an ‘upgrade’ in recent years but this can come at a cost – plus throw up all kinds of dilemmas. It’s particularly tricky for older best men, bridesmaids and guests who are organising and attending these more ‘grown up’ events.

“Joe will answer all kinds of questions from ‘how do I convert my pounds to euros and split that between 18 people?’ to ‘what’s the best destination for a more suave and sophisticated stag?’  

“Our research shows that as you get older – and particularly when you’re in that sweet spot of stags, between 25-44, when everyone seems to get married – your tastes in these events do change.”     

The study also identified what those polled would look to do on a stag or hen do of their own. Almost a fifth (17%) would opt for a ‘traditional’ affair – featuring exotic dancers and fancy dress, while 39% would choose something slightly more cultured.

While 23% of those aged 35-44 would be keen for a completely sober stag or hen – so they could remember it better. When it comes to top foreign destinations, Barcelona, Ibiza, Berlin, Amsterdam and Santorini topped the wish list.

But 35% reckon expectations for these trips have gone up massively in recent years, with those aged 45 and above most likely to feel this way.

And while 71% of over 55s consider stag or hen dos an activity for younger people, only 34% of under 35s feel the same way, according to the OnePoll data.

The poll also found setting a budget that suits everyone was the top struggle for 30% of those who have had to organise a stag or hen party in the past. While 28% had difficulty finding a date that worked for everyone invited.

Offering advice to anyone organising a pre-wedding event, the Wise stag and hen helpline, with Joe Thomas, will be open on Friday 31st May from 1-2pm to phone on 0800 6990 002 or to text on 07537410154.

Joe said: “Organising a stag or hen party is a fairly thankless task, with someone almost always likely to be left upset about something.

“The key is to make sure that it’s something that the person being celebrated actually wants to do, if they want willy straws and strippers, then that’s what they should get.

“But if they’d rather do a walking tour of baroque architecture in Prague, that needs to be considered too – I know which one I’d prefer.”

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