Americans’ minds blown over what Brits call shopkeepers: ‘This is legit’


In the video, he said: “I made a video yesterday and America lost its mind. One of the biggest cultural differences that I found between the UK and America is that in America, everyone would say ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ all the time. In the UK, we don’t do that.

“A lot of Americans have asked, ‘what do you say in the UK?’ And I’m going to go to a shop right now and show you exactly what we say. This is not a skit, a joke or a prank. This is legit, okay?”

The video then showed Josh going to buy something with a counter that ticked off the amount of times he said the word “mate”.

In total he got the word “mate” in eight times with Americans left baffled as to whether us Brits use the phrase on everyone.

People took to the comment section of the video to share their thoughts with one person writing: “Do you say mate to women too?”

Another asked: “Umm do you also use “mate” in formal settings, such as to your teacher or your boss??

A third said: “Married to a Brit and the amount of mates and byes is accurate when he talks to someone else that’s British

One user commented: “The British will call complete strangers ‘love’ or ‘darling’ and I think it’s beautiful.”

A fifth added: “The female version of this is “love.” You right there, love?”

Finally, another said: “Why do Brits say bye so many times all the time too”

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