Woman shares genius £40 hack for bath lovers who only have a shower


Brits are renowned for their love of a luxurious soak in the tub, complete with bubbles and the warm glow of candlelight. After braving the dreary drizzle, a hot bath is not only perfect for warming up but also boasts health benefits such as reducing blood pressure, boosting circulation, and easing muscle pain.

However, for those confined to homes with just a shower, the envy is real when someone mentions they’re off for a dip in the bath. But fear not, as a clever hack has emerged to solve this very problem.

Kenzi Galban, a 20 year old from Houston, Texas, was fed up with being unable to enjoy a relaxing bath at the end of her day. She ingeniously sourced an inflatable bathtub online, set it up within her shower space, and voila her own personal oasis was born.

The viral video showcasing her innovative solution has amassed over 10 million views, depicting Kenzi filling her makeshift bath with water from the shower, adding bath salts and a fizzer for that extra touch of luxury, and of course, surrounding herself with candles for the ultimate bath experience.

“I immediately ordered it and now I love it! ,” exclaimed Galban. “I really wanted to take a bath but I don’t have one in my apartment so I randomly just thought maybe there’s a blow up one I can buy.”, reports the Mirror.

Galban, who prides herself on her problem-solving skills, continued: “I love to solve problems so I had to figure out a way. I just received it a week ago so I’ve only used it once [so far].”

Thousands of viewers have been heaping praise on the clever trick, with scores promising to give it a whirl. “This looks way comfier than a bath. I want it,” one enthusiast gushed.

Another concurred, posting: “Now I’m okay with getting an apartment with stand-up showers. No tub was literally a deal breaker.”

Meanwhile, a third chimed in: “This is my dream.”

For those keen to dip into this trend, inflatable baths are available from various online shops. Amazon is currently offering a portable Air Bathtub Spa featuring an anti-slip surface for a mere £47.

And a fourth contributor observed that the inflatable bath seemed ‘way more hygienic’ than a conventional bathtub.

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