Woman says she ruined her family in two minutes by doing a DNA test


When it comes to your family you would pretty much do anything for them. However, one woman has shared her personal story on Reddit about getting a DNA test.

The daughter spoke to her mother about her family history. While the mother was initially taken aback she vowed to answer all her daughter’s queries.

The anonymous daughter explained: “She (the mother) encouraged her to reach out to this man.” (The father who raised her, and was a great dad, had passed 20 years before.) Unfortunately, the bio-dad had become an alcoholic and died shortly after they connected.

The daughter has now cut the mother off and hasn’t spoken to her in five years. The mother is heartbroken, but understands her daughter’s anger and said: “I have it coming…it’s my punishment.”

The mum is 73-year-old now and the daughter was her only child. The daughter continued “Long story but just to say running out and getting a DNA test and then sharing the news in it indiscriminately can backfire, badly.”

Encouraging others to ponder before making the same error, she added: “Maybe some secrets just need to be secrets. My sister will never be the same she’s old and she’s now lost the people she loved the most through her own fault – as she says. But, I have to remind her that she’s human and humans make mistakes. At this point, it makes little difference.

“Just think carefully and wisely if you get a result back that is shocking, surprising, not what you expected. There can be more at stake here than your curiosity.”

While many offered their sympathy, others argued it’s always better for the truth to come out, reports the Daily Record.

One individual commented: “The truth is best, even if it’s ugly.”

Another concurred, while a third user expressed: “I think the truth is best, and being forthcoming with it is the best way to avoid things like this.

“I’m sorry what happened to the woman in this story, but having your child mad at you isn’t a reason to withhold the truth about who their family is. Gone are the days when people can cheat and pretend it didn’t happen.”

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