What would Labour victory mean for UK-EU relations? | Radio Schuman


The UK will elect a new government on Thursday (4 July) with the Labour party predicted to win a landslide victory over the Conservatives.


How would a Labour government in the UK impact the EU? Could any significant changes in UK-EU relations be foreseen as a result?

As Brits head to the polls to choose their next government, Radio Schuman discussed this with Euronews reporter Mared Jones, who explained why the EU might have a greater interest in getting closer to the UK at the moment.

We return back to the saga of top jobs and political group formation in the European Parliament with the Left group, which is set to welcome Italy’s 5 star movement.

The group also openly declared that will vote against Ursula von der Leyen for a second mandate as European Commission president.

For our summer angle, Radio Schuman also explored reasons why you shouldn’t pee in the sea this summer.

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