UK general election results 2024: How every constituency voted across the country


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Labour Party has won enough seats to form a majority government. Explore the charts below.


It’s official: the Labour Party has achieved an overwhelming victory, and the projections show it will end up securing more than 400 seats across the UK.

Labour Leader Keir Starmer will become prime minister and can form a majority government.

On the other end, the Conservative Party is grappling with a devastating loss. They have seen more than 200 MPs ousted.

Some notable names including former PM Liz Truss and former Secretary of State for Business Jacob Rees-Mogg have lost their seats and will no longer serve in parliament.

We take a look at the tectonic shift in UK politics between now and the last elections in 2019. How much have the tables turned in five years’ time?

The exit poll below shows the UK’s 650 constituencies as they are announced.

And these are the seats that have been declared for each party so far.

And finally, this is the vote share of the seats that have been declared up to this point (the vote is not final until all seats are declared).

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