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Many of us who grew up in the 90s feel a special connection with Toy Story, having matured alongside Andy. By the time the fourth film hit the screens, we were well past our toy-playing days, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the saga.

Now, with the buzz about a fifth instalment, nostalgia is set to draw us back in droves.

But before you queue up for another round of childhood delight, consider revisiting the earlier films. You might just discover some hidden gems.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted subtle nuances and meanings in the movies, from a savvy tour guide Barbie to Woody’s iconic catchphrase. Social media has been abuzz with these revelations, with one fan exclaiming: “This is actually hilarious omg,” while another confessed: “No, I did not know that.”

These insights are too juicy to keep under wraps, so let’s dive into the details….

Low stock of Buzz Lightyear

In Toy Story 2, tour guide Barbie makes a reference to something that happened in real-life toy stores following the release of the first movie. In the clip, the tour guide Barbie says: “This is the Buzz Lightyear aisle. Back in 1995, short-sighted retailers did not order enough dolls to meet demand.”

This is true! Social media user @JBuckStudios explained: “When the first Toy Story came out in 1995, everyone underestimated the box office performance and popularity of the film.

“There was a huge shortage of Buzz and Woody dolls to keep up with the demand. Now, what’s crazy to think that the sales of these toys go to infinity and beyond?”

‘Don’t touch my moustache!’

If you didn’t understand this joke as a kid – don’t worry! You weren’t the only one.

But Hidden Movie Details has revealed that the line was actually meant to a mispronounced Japanese phrase. In the clip, which has gained more than 32,000 likes, they explained: “I never understood this joke as a kid, but it’s actually Al mispronouncing the Japanese phrase Dōitashimashite, which translates to ‘you’re welcome.’

Sid’s Job

In a video, which has gained more than 1,300 likes, Popcorn Secrets claimed Sid, the neighbour’s kid who tortured his toys in the first movie, became a bin man in Toy Story 3. The TikTok user explained: “You can see right here not only does Sid appear, he plays a garbage man who salvages toys from the trash.

“Looks like Woody and the toys really got to him in that first film,” they quipped. The clip shows the cameo of Sid collecting rubbish from outside of Andy’s home after his mum, Mrs Davis had accidentally thrown away his toys before he goes off to college.

Sid was seen donning the same skull T-shirt that he wore as a kid, along with a yellow vest, goggles, a goatee, and a big set of headphones.

‘There’s a snake in my boot!’

Growing up, many of us 90s kids probably assumed that this was just a funny catchphrase that is said when Andy pull’s woody’s chord. However, it has a hidden meaning.

Hidden Movie Details have revealed that the reference to old western tales. In these stories of the Old West, an inebriated cowboy might be depicted as so drunk that he could imagine or hallucinate snakes slithering into his boots.

The bloke said: “Woody’s catchphrase, ‘there’s a snake in my boot’ is a reference to a common hallucination that real alcoholic cowboys would have in the 19th century. After drinking so much at the saloon, they would feel a tingling sensation in their boot and believe it that it was a snake slithering around.”

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