Stomach-churning video shows what’s ‘really lurking’ in your sink


We all strive to maintain our homes in pristine condition, but appearances can be deceiving. TikTok sensation Nancy Birtwhistle discovered this the hard way with her “stinky sink” saga.

Despite its gleaming exterior, a closer look revealed a hidden horror. Nancy issued a stark “warning” to her followers, suggesting their sinks might harbour similar filth.

In a revealing clip, Nancy observed her sink appeared “quite clean”, noting its “white and bright” facade. However, removing the drain cover unveiled a shocking contrast.

A persistent odour led her to investigate further, as she pondered in the footage: “I wonder what’s lurking down there.”

Upon detaching the cover, Nancy recoiled in disgust, uttering a repulsed “yuck”. She then tackled the revolting black sludge with kitchen towel and a spoon, declaring: “This is gross”, she said.

The cleaning whizz shared her secret on how to get a sparkling sink, using just a teaspoon of green bleach and a scrubber. After replacing the drain cover, the transformation was remarkable.

She chuckled at the end of her video, saying: “My sink was smelly, and now I know why” and showcased a before-and-after snapshot of the results.

In the comments section, one person quipped: “I miss two minutes ago when I wasn’t concerned about what’s in my sink.”

Another viewer was inspired to take action: “I’m actually going to get up and clean my sink right now. Thanks for the reminder.” Meanwhile, a further person confessed: “Omg my sink was terrible lol I didn’t realise.”

To eliminate the “thick gunk”, she carefully rinsed it away, placing a bucket beneath to prevent a “flood”. Her go-to “basic magic” kitchen cleaner was the hero of the day, being “non-acidic” and natural.

She opted to cleanse everything in a bowl, allowing her to dispose of the waste outdoors, rather than risk clogging the sink again.

Nancy explained that the vile mixture consisted of “tea and coffee stained soap scum” and “debris”, which together created an unbearable stench.

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