Shoppers snap up ‘line-erasing’ £10 retinol eye cream to depuff bags


Tired and puffy eyes can make you look older than you are. Thankfully, there are plenty of skincare products with anti-ageing properties that can help. 

Shoppers have found a bargain eye cream in this week’s £10 Tuesday sale at Boots and it contains powerful retinol, to soften existing wrinkles and fight against the formation of new ones. The Neutrogena Retinol Boost Eye Cream, originally priced at £23.99, works to improve skin tone and texture around the eyes.

Other than pure retinol, it has hyaluronic acid to rehydrate the skin and myrtus plant extract to boost retinol effectiveness by 83%. The fragrance-free cream is proven to be very effective for 100% of testers who said they saw noticeable results over eight weeks.

The cream works to brighten and even the under-eye area and fade the look of fine lines and crow’s feet. It’s already gained an average score of 4.5 out of five stars from 170 reviews.

One shopper was happy with the product and shared: “I was skeptical of how good this would be, but the before and after photos speak for themselves! I was very impressed at how well it ‘de-puffed’ my eye bags. Will absolutely be keeping this a part of my skin care regime going forward.”

A second mentioned: “This what may look like a little container but it certainly holds its own against other providers in the skin cream department. Really easy to use, and apply. Feels very soft and easy to apply to the skin, you really do need to only use a tiny amount as it fits cover really well. I found there was no smell to the cream, which I usually look forward to but that is just personal preference.”

A third called the cream “superb” and recommended it to people with ageing signs, adding: “It’s really surprised me that in a month time eye area lifted, fine lines are smoothed away. That’s much more better than my usual product.”

While retinol can cause irritation to the skin, many shoppers said they didn’t experience any redness or itchiness when using the Neutrogena Retinol Boost Eye Cream. 

But one shopper gave a lukewarm three-star rating and wrote: “It’s a good product it does help the eyes however it’s not for my skin. It would dry out and look like white powder under my eyes. On makeup and without makeup. Used a moisturiser but still same issue. Once it dries it’s white.”

Elsewhere, Medik8’s Crystal Retinal Eye Cream, from £45, contains ‘next-generation’ vitamin A that acts 11-times faster than standard retinol. The active ingredient works to stimulate the production of natural collagen and help enhancing cellular turnover so customers will get a smoother, brighter, and more youthful-looking complexion.

The Naturium Multi-Peptide Moisturiser also gained praise from women wanting to look younger. It’s available on SpaceNK for £21 and the vegan and cruelty-free cream is formulated with nutrient-dense peptides, panthenol and encapsulated ethylated vitamin C to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

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