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Jetting off on holiday is always thrilling, but the struggle of squeezing everything into a suitcase can be a real headache.

It’s a challenge to pack everything, and often feels like an impossible task to have all your essentials. However, this year could be a game-changer thanks to a clever woman’s packing hack.

The TikTok user, known as Devinjadex, posted a video revealing a method that allows travellers to fit all their clothes into a cabin bag. It might seem unlikely, but she demonstrates it flawlessly.

In her viral clip, she mentions she talked about a particular bag she uses, and people “don’t believe” it’s possible to fit a full wardrobe into it. Despite this, she insists it’s the truth.

To back up her claim, she uploaded footage of herself at the airport, expertly packing the bag with everything necessary for her trip. Her haul included clothing, flip-flops, swimwear and toiletries.

Jade boasts that everything fits “perfectly” into the bag, which also conveniently fits under the airplane seat. She points out that you can pack “so much stuff” into the compact carry-on, and it’s incredibly effective.

She even managed to include her bikinis, sun care products and sunglasses without any trouble. She claims the simple strategy allowed her to bring “everything she needed for a holiday” without having to pay for additional costs.

She managed to pack her bag efficiently, avoiding paying any additional charges at the airport, and saving some cash in the process. For those interested to try her tactics, she provided a link to purchase the bag on her profile.

Jade’s ingenious method has sparked many conversations with curious followers wanting to know more about the canny travel trick.

One follower voiced hope, saying: “I just ordered one – you better not be lying.” Another commented: “Looks great – can really fit a lot in there.”

A third confirmed the claims by sharing their experience, writing: “I have it – it fits. And mine was stuffed to capacity. Trust.”

However, few sceptical comments emerged about the capacity of the bag, with one user stating: “I’ve got the bag, and don’t feel like it fits this much in.” Another queried: “Is it not really heavy to carry?”

Despite concerns, a significant number of people hailed Jade’s tip as “absolutely perfect”, with many indicating that they would utilise the method for future holidays. Some had even tried and tested the trick before.

Sharing her success story, a satisfied customer added: “I have one of these recently, went to Spain for four days. Had all I needed – brilliant!”

One more wrote: “Everyone commenting that it won’t fit, trust me it will. I’ve got a bag similar size. I actually packed a little more than her, and mine surprised me and actually fit at EasyJet gate the other week.”

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